The positive effects of ice treatment have been known for a long time

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Ochłoda, orzeźwienie, redukcja bólu, efekt odmłodzenia i antycellulitowy – to wszystko dzięki genialnie prostemu urządzeniu do masażu lodem. Odkryj Coolly!
Ice treatment – positives only!

Did you know that cold treatment has been known to mankind since ancient times? Originally snow was used; the use of ice has become popular over the years as a remedy for various disorders in the human body. It results from the positive impact of ice, which has a soothing and immediate effect, for example after exercising, especially in athletes, or the noticeable effect in the process of fighting cellulite that many women struggle with.

Before you reach for solutions provided by aesthetic medicine to beautify your body, or before using specialized treatments such as cryotherapy, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the positive effects of ice, which is a simple home method to improve your quality of life.

Ice for beauty

Ice influences the appearance of the skin, rejuvenates and eliminates cellulite. From a wider perspective, ice affects the overall feeling of relaxation in the body, which is associated with a better mental state and relax, also significant for the appearance of the skin.

It has been known for a long time that anger (stress) is bad for your beauty! Coolly makes sure you feel cool!

Ice in the fight against cellulite

Not only diet, exercise and drinking water, but also hydration from the outside are necessary in the fight against cellulite. Each bath should end with a cold shower and a body massage with ice cubes. As a result, toxins are removed from the tissues, and the circulation of lymph and blood is improved. Effects? Muscle relaxation, oxygenation of the circulatory and nervous system, and firmer and smoother skin.

Better metabolism

Due to the influence of cold on the body, i.e. improved microcirculation and metabolism, not only is the positive effect of ice on cellulite observed, but also weight loss. When the body defends itself against cold, it produces more heat, which speeds up metabolism.

Hunting reaction

Ice forces muscles to move – exercise. It is called the hunting reaction. It is the expansion and contraction of blood vessels under the influence of cold, which makes the skin firm.

Firm skin after childbirth

Ice has a positive and visible effect on sagging skin, which is often the result of childbirth. A cold massage is perfect for women who gave birth.

Ice – an ally in sports

Whether it is first aid in the event of injuries and bruises, or to relax after a workout – ice will be perfect for it. Professional and amateur athletes competing in marathons and triathlons or working out at the gym know this. Regular use of ice will shorten the treatment of injuries and bruises in the future, as well as prevent them. Thanks to its ergonomic design, Coolly will let you become friends with the icy form of massage.

Help after a workout or an injury

An injury? Fatigue after a workout session? Ice is best used immediately on swelling, tense muscles, joint pain, headaches or other micro-injuries. It will reduce the symptoms of inflammation and act as a pain reliever, while improving blood circulation.


Micro-injuries may not give any symptoms, and practicing sports does not always result in pain or injuries, but you should always use ice to increase your body’s resistance, endurance and heart function, and to speed up regeneration after physical exertion.

Prophylactically and for everyone

Ice can be used by adolescents and adults, especially those participating in marathons, exercising in the gym, practicing sports, climbing and other – both professionals and amateurs. Ice acts as a prophylaxis of changes caused by overload in the locomotor system.

For body and soul

Cold treatment has a positive effect on mental relaxation after physical exertion and additionally reduces stress. Once again, the maxim that a healthy mind is in a healthy body proves to be true!
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